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A green hand ultrasonic cleaning machine of environmental protection?

2013/6/11      view:

In the past a lot of people think, Xiamen ultrasonic cleaning machine is able to achieve the role of cleaning, it is because of the existence of bubbles. But through repeated experiments, the view is wrong and correct. That in the end is what prompted the ultrasonic cleaning has the ability to clean? Xiamen ultrasonic cleaning machine from the initial to the present and has experienced a kind of development process? Xiamen ultrasonic cleaning machine why can have a certain impact on the environment?
At the beginning of a ultrasonic cleaner is used, trichloroethylene, freon and other harmful chemical solvents as cleaning medium, can play the function of cleaning, but the environmental pollution is very serious. But the ultrasonic cleaner is the traditional bubble by ultrasonic wave in liquid medium, then to bubble produced by the force of the explosion to the clean surface effect. Then it is because there is air in the air bubble, it makes the explosion of limited power, so the cleaning effect is not ideal. Continuous improvement through repeated tests, and finally developed into the ultrasonic cleaning device, the vacuum cavitation bubbles become. At the same time, also use water instead of freon and other harmful medium, further realize the production of environmental protection.
Ultrasonic cleaning is the components on different types of contaminants in the stirring and emulsifying erosion, cavitation, coupled with chemical reaction temperature, time and the suitable cleaning liquid is clean, achieve the purpose of cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning is based on cavitation, ultrasonic wave is a kind of alternating pressure, in the liquid is the emergence of sparse dense. In the dense state, when the liquid is under normal pressure (about a few atmospheric pressure) and in the sparse state, the liquid is subjected to tension that is the negative pressure. In the place where the tension is concentrated, especially when the liquid has bubbles and the liquid interface of the wall is broken, the cavity is formed in the liquid. According to the theory of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, cleaning effect is better than similar products, and to the position, density, efficiency and impact of the successful control of cavitation, so as to ensure the premise of objects under intact completely remove the dirt on the surface of the.
In short, the whole process of Xiamen ultrasonic cleaning machine, are green, non-toxic and harmless. Ultrasonic water jet cutting uses the medium of water and abrasive are natural materials, without any harm and hurt, as long as we ensure the cutting object is non-toxic and harmless, so the cutting process will not cause any harm, can be said to be very safe. However, the premise of this security is that the operator must correctly and reasonably use ultrasonic water jet cutting equipment. And after cutting the water can be discharged directly, the waste can also be directly dumped in the standard dump, usually does not cause any pollution and adverse consequences.