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Influence of working environment on the performance of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine

2013/6/11      view:

In the continuous development of market economy, industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning level is getting higher and higher, but the performance is good ultrasonic cleaning equipment, but also has its own life. Thus, not only improves the effective maintenance and maintenance of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine is scientific and reasonable, prolong its service life, but also conforms to the development of modern industry, and also has an important significance for China's current economic development.

Many industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine working environment is very bad, and the working environment will have a certain adverse effects on industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, environmental factors are mainly embodied in two aspects of temperature and humidity. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine will show different performance in different temperature and humidity environment, when long in the temperature and humidity environment suitable for the damage will cause the shrink tube machine, such as rust, corrosion etc..

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine for long-term storage in the open or closed places is required in a certain temperature and humidity, once more than the limit value will cause some damage, so we should pay attention to good work of environmental management in the management of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine.