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What should we do when our cleaning is too much trouble?

2012/8/12      view:

Cleaning is a big project, what cleaning agent, strong detergent, etc., all kinds of, and some even harm human health, but not prepared but will not clean in place, the washing is equal to no washing. These cleaning problems Quanzhou ultrasonic cleaning machine to help you solve. Quanzhou ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic technology is a physical, electronic, mechanical and materials science based on one of the common technology. Ultrasonic technology is the physical process of generation, propagation and reception of ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic wave has characteristics such as beam, orientation, reflection, transmission and so on. According to the ultrasonic vibration radiation of different sizes can be divided into: 1, with the application of power ultrasonic changes of objects or objects called power ultrasound, for example: large enough energy in the liquid, produce cavitation, can be used for cleaning, emulsion. 2, using ultrasound to get a number of information, access to communication applications, said the detection of ultrasound, for example: ultrasonic wave in the medium of pulse reflection on the object of the thickness of the test called ultrasonic thickness measurement.
Quanzhou ultrasonic cleaning machine is the principle of ultrasonic cleaning is a physical cleaning, the cleaning liquid into the tank, the role of ultrasound in the tank. The ultrasonic vibration wave and acoustic wave as a density, in the process of communication, medium pressure alternation. In the negative pressure region, a tear is generated in the liquid, and a vacuum bubble is formed. When the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble grows rapidly, and the bubble in the positive pressure region is squeezed and closed due to the pressure. At this time, the collision between the liquid produces a strong shock wave. Although the displacement, the velocity is very small, but the acceleration is very large, local pressure up to thousands of atmospheric pressure, which is called the cavitation effect.
1, the relationship between the influence factors and the frequency of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning effect in Quanzhou: the lower the frequency of the cavitation effect is more obvious, but the noise is relatively high, relatively smooth surface objects applicable to objects. The higher the frequency, the cavitation effect is worse, but the noise is relatively low, suitable for multiple objects and micro hole electron crystal etc.. 2, and the temperature is related to: the average temperature of 50 degrees Celsius - 30 C. 3, and the sound is strong: according to the frequency is different, the sound intensity is generally selected in 1 - 2w/cm2. 4, and cleaning liquid related: in general, the lower the viscosity of the cleaning fluid, the higher the gas content, the better the cleaning effect. 5, and the depth of the cleaning fluid and the location of the cleaning object. Quanzhou itself has the superiority of ultrasonic cleaning or other physical cleaning and chemical cleaning. It is widely applied to the There is nothing comparable to this, service industry, electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratory, mechanical industry, hard alloy industry, chemical industry and other fields.
Ultrasonic cleaning advantages: compared with other kinds of cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning machine showed great superiority, especially in the professional group, production in the enterprise, has gradually replaced the single ultrasonic cleaning, washing, dipping the traditional pressure washing, cleaning and vibration steam cleaning process, high efficiency and high cleaning; the degree of ultrasonic cleaning machine, thanks to the ultrasonic in the medium of penetration and cavitation impact, so it is easy to be with complex shape, thin air cavity and clean the parts clean; for oil, rust, phosphating process in general, under the action of ultrasound only needs two or three minutes. It is faster than the traditional cleaning method, can increase several times or even several times, cleaning degree can reach a high standard, which in many of the product surface quality and The yield required, more highlighted by other people used to achieve or irreplaceable results. The following summarizes its advantages: 1, good cleaning effect, high cleanliness and cleanliness of all parts; 2 cleaning speed, improve the production efficiency; 3 workers have not to contact the cleaning liquid, safe and reliable; 4 for deep hole, slit and primary shelter can be cleaned; 5 save solvent, heat, work and labor etc..