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Do you know the sensor principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

2012/8/14      view:

The Quanzhou ultrasonic cleaning machine sensor has a transmitter and a receiver, but an ultrasonic sensor can also have the dual function of sending and receiving sound waves. The ultrasonic sensor general market on the sale of a special type and dual-purpose type, special type is used to transmit ultrasonic transmitter, receiver for receiving the ultrasonic transmitter and receiver; and is the integrated sensor, can send and receive ultrasonic ultrasonic. The resonant frequency of ultrasonic sensor (center frequency) is 23kHz, 40kHz, 75kHz, 200kHz, 400kHz, etc.. The resonance frequency becomes higher, the detection distance becomes shorter and the decomposition power is higher.
Quanzhou ultrasonic cleaning machine sensor using the principle of piezoelectric effect, piezoelectric effect has the inverse effect and effect of ultrasonic sensor element is reversible, ultrasonic transmitter is the use of the principle of inverse piezoelectric effect. The so-called piezoelectric inverse is applied to the piezoelectric element on the voltage, the component deformation, that is, the strain. The external positive charge polarization and piezoelectric ceramic positive charge repulsion, at the same time, the negative charge of external polarization and negative charge repulsion. Because of the repulsion effect of piezoelectric ceramic is shortened in the thickness direction, the elongation in the length direction. If the polarity is reversed, the piezoelectric ceramic is elongated in the thickness direction and is reduced in the length direction. The ultrasonic sensor by using double crystal oscillator, namely double piezoelectric ceramic plate in the opposite direction of polarization together in the length direction, a stretch, another piece of shortening. On both sides of the film electrode crystal oscillator, lead by the metal plate (vibration plate) received a tip, with the lead directly to another electrode. Double crystal oscillator for the square, the square on the left and right sides by arc supporting convex part.
Quanzhou ultrasonic cleaning machine is the principle of high frequency oscillation signals emitted by the ultrasonic generator, and spread to the medium - cleaning solvent through the transducer into high frequency mechanical oscillations, ultrasonic density in the cleaning solution and the forward radiation, the liquid flow caused tens of thousands of tiny bubbles diameter 50-500 m, tiny bubbles exist in liquid the vibration in the field under the action of. These bubbles form and grow in the negative pressure area which is transmitted by the ultrasonic wave, and in the positive pressure area, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble increases rapidly, and then suddenly closed. And when the bubble is closed to produce shock waves, generate thousands of atmospheric pressure in the surrounding, destruction of insoluble dirt and scatter them in the cleaning liquid, when the group was wrapped in oil particles and adhesion in surface cleaning, oil emulsion, solid particles and detachment, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying cleaning parts. This is called "cavitation effect" in the process of high temperature air bubbles can form closed several Baidu and more than 1000 pressure instantaneous pressure continuously, the instantaneous pressure generated as a series of "explosion" continue to impact the surface of the object, the object surface and the cracks in the dirt off, so as to reach the surface the purpose of purifying cleaning objects.
Second ultrasonic wave propagation in the liquid, the liquid and the cleaning tank in the ultrasonic frequency vibration, and the liquid cleaning tank has its own inherent vibration frequency, the vibration frequency is the frequency, so people can hear the hum. In addition, in the process of ultrasonic cleaning, the naked eye can see the bubble is not a vacuum bubble, but air bubbles, it can reduce the effect of cavitation on the cleaning efficiency. Only the air bubbles in the liquid are completely towed away, and the vacuum nuclear group of cavitation can achieve the best effect. The development of information processing technology and the rapid development of microprocessor and computer technology, all need to have the corresponding progress in the development of the sensor. Microprocessor has been widely used in measurement and control system. With the enhancement of these systems, it is more and more important for the sensor to be used as the front-end of the information acquisition system. Sensors have become the key components of the automation system and robot technology, as a structural component of the system, its importance is becoming more and more obvious.